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For over 10 years we've built custom tailored solutions to make our clients' activity management more efficient and to simplify the taking of reservations through numerous portals.
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At resQwest we target five key objectives with each of our customers

  • To maximize your sales and distribution to sell out every single one of your programs.
  • To secure the right guest in the right program on the right day at the right price.
  • To make it easy and intuitive for your guests and your agents to make and manage bookings.
  • To ensure all bookings are complete and accounted for.
  • To provide you with the data you need to be fully informed about your business.

These objectives are the guiding force to ensure every solution we present to you is aligned with the long term goals of your business.


    The challenge

    You need to easily manage reservations but have numerous people and websites who want access 24/7. Your staff, industry partners and your customers all need differing levels of access to information, reports and payment details.

    Our solution

    Our purpose built solution allows everyone to run off the same Internet based platform. This means everyone is on the 'same page' with access easily managed by you through numerous tiers.


    The challenge

    How do your customers pay? Are there outstanding amounts? Vouchers, cash, discounts, credit cards, refunds and voids all need to be tracked; who took payment, when and for how much.

    Our solution

    Our solution provides the control to you; create infinite voucher tracking; log every payment to know who and when; audit track changes and run detailed reports to help you balance your books regularly and catch issues in a timely fashion.


    The challenge

    Your customers want to book months in advance; you want to set prices and spaces for the season and make plans about staff and resources. You want customers to know what to bring and various requirements and terms. You need to quickly add or edit availability based on fluid situations like the weather or equipment availability.

    Our solution

    Our solution was built from the ground up with easy setup and management of inventory, spaces and pricing. Create a seasons worth of spaces in one go; edit and adjust a full month or a specific day and time. Make some times available to 3rd party agents and or the web; you control where it shows and to whom.


    The challenge

    The system needs to fit the way you work; from your call center and website, through your check-in to your accounting and reporting.

    Our solution

    We custom fit our solution to your needs so it works with you, not against you and train your staff to get the most out of the system.


    The challenge

    You require numerous manifests; daily balance and outstanding; commission details; monthly sub and grand totals - all by activity; or by Agent; or by Portal.

    Our solution

    Our powerful database and decades of industry experience allow us to provide you the tools you need to manage your business.


    The challenge

    Your Activity staff need Manifests to verify the participants; you need someone to double check all are paid up; someone needs to prep equipment needs/lunch options; were waivers signed?

    Our solution

    Our robust customization features allow you to collect optional information in advance and update numerous status levels to clearly indicate if you customers are paid in full; are checked-in and have signed waivers if needed.


    The challenge

    Everything just needs to work - you require a high level of availability; responsive reservation procedures; snappy reports and manifests - all from the best available solutions without having to be an 'expert' in technology.

    Our solution

    Having customized solutions for numerous top tourism vendors, we have built the best solution with cross vendor expertise and knowledge all to work for you.

  • Custom Activity Management Systems

    Over our 10+ years in the business we've worked with a wide variety of activity types, each with their own needs

    • Dolphin Experience Venues
    • Zip Line Adventure Companies
    • Sailing and Charter Tours
    • Hiking, kayak, snorkelling and surfing Tours
    • Diving Operations
    • DMC Tour Desk Companies
    • ATV and 4x4 Adventure Tours
    • Horseback Riding Tours
    • Airport Transportation
    • Incentive and Group Tours
    • Group Dine Around Programs
  • Distribute your bookability

    • Track sources
    • Track 3rd Party Agents
    • Customize accepted paytypes
    • Offer customized pricing
    • Offer exclusive programs

    Your website, concierges, hotel websites, other 3rd parties

  • Mobile manifests

    Allow an operator to view:

    • their activities
    • the associated bookings
    • details of a booking
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